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Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary

Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary

Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary: – The Thar Desert plays an important tourist spot in the state of Rajasthan. If you visit the Thar Desert, take a turn to visit Desert National Park, which acts as the best example of an ecosystem. The sand dunes have a variety of diverse fauna that surrounds 20 % of Park. The Sudashri forest is the ideal place for visiting the Desert National Park covering the entire area of 3162 sq.km. The park is more famous for watching and photographs the animals.

Some of the animals that one can spot are a desert fox, Bengal Fox, wolf, and desert cat. The birdlife has a sandy habitat with more vivid and spectacular way. The unseen birds such as sandgrouse, partridges, bee-eaters, shrikes, and larks have its spotting. Prey eaters like twany, steppe eagles, long-legged, honey buzzards, kestrels, and Falcons have its way to visit. One can visit the tall, heavy bird have a specific confidence and grace to look.

Facilities And Accommodation For Sanctuary

As this is a tourist place, Jaisalmer has no problem with accommodation. There are many places to reside and have a royal luxury. There are number of hotels, resorts, palaces, and lodges that come under heritage properties. Visitors need to pay entry fees for visiting Desert National Sanctuary